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TikTok Shop


Logisticsly works with TikTok merchants to fulfill orders daily in the fastest and most profitable way. We’ll manually manage your TikTok Shop and input orders into our system. Get fully automated TikTok order fulfillment. Join us and take the stress out of order fulfillment today!


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@tiktokshop_us Welcome to TikTok Shop! Follow us to stay up to date on top trends, deals, and so much more. Happy shopping! #TikTokShop ♬ original sound – TikTok Shop ??

TikTok Shop Labels


TikTok is offering free shipping labels to their merchants. To utilize this promotion, your Logisticsly account manager will manually manage your TikTok Shop to input order information to our warehouse management system. Take advantage of TikTok’s labels and keep order fulfillment fully automated.


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How TikTok Shop Works


List your products and complete sales directly on TikTok. Take advantage of TikTok’s huge audience. Create a Seller Center account via TikTok. Verify your identity. Once approved by TikTok you can upload products and link your TikTok account. Set up is easy and simple. Our account managers are well versed in this new platform and can help walk you through process or troubleshoot. Expand your business on TikTok’s growing platform without any stress!


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@tiktokshop_us Welcome to TikTok Shop! Follow us to stay up to date on top trends, deals, and so much more. Happy shopping! #TikTokShop ♬ original sound – TikTok Shop

Integrate Other Sales Channels


Selling on other platforms? Integrate those to Logisticsly and we can manage order fulfillment across channels. Maximize your online presence by selling on Shopify, Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, and Etsy. Logisticsly account managers can help you get set up on other platforms and seamlessly integrate with our warehouse management system. 


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TikTok Shop Order Fulfillment Pricing

Order Fulfillment

$3 per order for orders with 3 or less items
$0.25 per additional item over 3


$5 per receipt + $0.05 per unit


$0.40 per cubic foot per month

Mandatory Logisticsly Account Access Fee

$70 per month

Account Handling Minimum

$250 per month

Special Projects

$40 per hour

Why outsource eCommerce shipping and fulfillment with Logisticsly?

Simple Integration

With the help of your dedicated account manager, Logisticsly will manage your TikTok Shop.

The hard work is done for you. We’ll import orders with the click of a button and get back to what is really important, running your business.

Simple Automation

When an order is placed on your TikTok Shop, your account manager sends the order to Logisticsly’s warehouse management system where our team quickly picks, packs, and ships your order.

Hands off never means that you lose touch with Logisticsly. As soon as we receive the order you can follow the order all the way through on our WMS.

Simple and Fast Shipping

With Logisticsly managing your TikTok Shop, you can take advantage of TikTok’s free shipping labels. In a day of high demand, quick shipping is at the top of the list for what your customer wants. Keep costs low for you and consumers without any headache.

Simple Inventory Management

Never worry about running out of stock with our real time inventory reporting. Get real time updates when we receive or ship products and follow your inventory’s velocity on our software to ensure that that you can always stay ahead of your trends.