What makes us different?

Whose Warehouse Does Logisticsly Operate Out Of?

Unlike Some eCommerce Fulfillment centers Logisticsly owns and operates its own facility in Frisco, TX. This allows our dedicated team to respond quickly to any needs that our clients have.

How Do I Communicate With Logisticsly’s Staff?

Each of our customers receives a dedicated account manager who understands the in’s and out’s of their business, responds same day to all messages and requests, and offers tailors advice to ensure that all decisions are made with all necessary information.


Logisticsly offers round the clock access to all inventory tracking and transaction registers, giving our customers the peace of mind that hands off never means eyes off. We also off integrations with all major eCommerce platforms with easy connections that streamline your order input, fulfillment, and tracking of orders without the tedious nature of manual order input.


How Fast Do You Fulfill Orders?

Orders will be fulfilled within one business day. All orders received before 1pm cst will be fulfill that same day.

Can You Ship International Orders?

Yes, we ship orders worldwide and utilize both USPS and FedEx services to fulfill international orders.

Will I Be Able To Track My Orders Once They Ship?

Tracking Information is available as soon as orders are shipped whether it is manual order entry or fully automated integration with your eCommerce platforms.

What Carriers Do You Use For Order Fulfillment?

We utilize USPS, FedEx, and UPS to fulfill orders for all customers.


What Is Your Address?

Our receiving address is 10570 John W Elliott Drive #600 Frisco, TX 75033

What Do I Need To Do To Prepare Inventory To Your Facility?

We ask that all cartons be labeled prior to receiving. Unit labeling is required on all units, whether it is FNSKU, SKU, ASIN, or UPC. Our team here at Logisticsly is happy to label any units that need labeling for you as a special request.

How Long Will The Receiving Process Take?

For most shipments we offer same day receiving which means that your inventory will be available for order fulfillment the same day. For some larger shipments and shipments that require additional labor such are SKU research or unit inspection we reserve up to 72 hours for receiving.

What Do I Need To Do Before Sending Inventory To Your Facility?

We ask that prior to sending inventory our way, you create a receipt in your WMS portal that correctly reflects the shipment we will be receiving. Your Account Manager will be able to walk you through this entire process.


Are There Any Minimum Or Maximum Storage Requirements With Logisticsly?

We have no requirements for storage quantities. In the case that your inventory reached zero we will freeze your WMS account until you notify of a new inbound shipment.

How Do You Charge For Storage?

Very simply our storage rate for all product is $0.40/Cuft.

Do You Have Long Term Storage Fees?

Yes, for inventory that remains static for over one year storage rates of 2X will be applied.

What Security Do You Offer?

Our warehouse is equipped with a security camera system, badge entry, 24/hr. alarm monitoring, climate control, and pest control

Additional Services

Can You Relabel My Inventory?

Yes, you will have access to relabeling service requests through your Account Portal on our website at any time.

Can You Repackage My Inventory?

Yes, you will have access to repackaging service requests through your Account Portal on our website at any time.

Can You Bundle My Inventory?

Yes, you will have access to bundling service requests through your Account Portal on our website at any time.

Do You Offer Insurance?

Logisticsly does not offer liability insurance for their customers. Logisticsly will not be responsible for any loss of goods or sales loss associated with the products that are shipped. Customers, however, are encouraged to add Logisticsly to their current insurance or purchase a policy from a third-party vendor.


Can You Process Returns?

Yes, you will be able to send all customer returns to our facility where we offer return processing, and inspection.

Can You Inspect Returns When They Arrive At Your Facility?

Yes, we can visually inspect all returns for either reuse or disposal. For more in-depth inspection a special request many be needed.

Upon inspection all units are moved to either quarantine where customers have the option to either dispose of them or designated to be placed back into stock for order fulfillment. *(Additional rates may apply) *

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