E-commerce Order Fulfillment


Logisticsly works with Shopify Merchants to fulfill orders daily in the fastest and most profitable way. Our software connects directly to your Shopify Store to automate your orders will fulfillment and inventory management. Join us and take the stress out of order fulfillment today!

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For members of Walmart’s community of approved professional sellers, Walmart.com offers a chance to sell products side by side with products of their own. Reach millions of more buyers with Walmart Marketplace today.

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eBay is a one stop shop for all things – from new to used, electronics to camping gear, the daily necessities to the luxury items your desire you can find it on eBay. Our Easy connection gives sellers the power to maximize potential.

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Leverage the power of social media and connect your Instagram purchases to Logisticsly today. With fast and reliable fulfillment Logisticsly can help boost your sales and reach on Instagram today.

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Facebook Commerce Manager offers sellers the opportunity to manage Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger sales in one place. Connect your platform today with our simple connection and let us fulfill your orders fast and reliably here at Logsicsly.

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Most companies are trying to minimize the time it takes to get their products into their customer’s hands. Magento’s Order Fulfillment module quickens this process and makes working smarter easier. Let work smarter not harder and connect your Magento module to our WMS today.

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Fulfilled by Amazon | FBA

At Logisticsly we take the stress out of preparing inventory for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Whether palletized or SPD Logisticsly’s simple, and affordable pricing will give you the freedom to focus of what is important.

You can send inventory to Amazon and leave the prep work to us. From creating mixed pallets, to Carton Labels, to FBA item labeling, we’ve got you covered.

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Amazon Merchant Fulfill Order

Avoid losing listings by creating priority FBA SKU’s and secondary FBM SKU’s with us.

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Wholesale Fulfillment

Keep your retailers stocked up in advance.

Fulfill complex orders affordably and fast.

Take advantage of personal customer service without compromising on efficiency.

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Why outsource eCommerce shipping and fulfillment with Logisticsly?

Simple integration

Connect your eCommerce store directly to Logisticsly with the help of your dedicated account manager.

With our easy connections the hard work is done for you. Import orders with the click of a button and get back to what is really important, running your business.

Simple Automation

When an order is placed on your Shopify store, the integration instantly sends the order to Logisticsly where our team quickly picks, packs, and ships your order.

Hands off never means that you lose touch with Logisticsly. As soon as we receive the order you can follow the order all the way through on our WMS.

Simple and Fast Shipping

In a day of high demand, quick shipping is at the top of the list for what your customer wants. Logisticsly’s team will choose the quickest and most affordable way to ship your orders. From easy ground to an expedited overnight order, we will work with you to get your orders where they need to go on time every time.

Simple Inventory Management

Never worry about running out of stock with our real time inventory reporting. Get real time updates when we receive or ship products and follow your inventory’s velocity on our software to ensure that that you can always stay ahead of your trends.

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