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Unlock your competitive advantage with simple to use integrations to all major sales channels and no contracts.


Same-day order fulfillment with 1:30 pm CST cut off time to meet Amazon’s Prime Premium Shipping requirements.


Accelerate your business with flat-rate 2-day delivery and discounted comercial carrier rates for all national and international services.

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E-commerce Order Fulfillment

  • Do you need to move unused inventory stuck in FBA?Let’s use it today to fulfill your Shopify, Social Media, Walmart, Ebay, Wholesale, etc. orders.
  • How about expanding your reach across new platforms?Connect any new e-commerce channel with no inventory commitment. We’ll take over from there!

Amazon Merchant Fulfill Order

  • Double your Buy-Box presence by creating FBA and FBM SKUs
    Never loose listings’ visibility by creating FBA and FBM SKUs.
  • Do you have any slow-moving ASINs?
    Avoid Amazon’s long storage fees, while maintaining the visibility of your listing by creating Fulfilled By Amazon SKUs.

Wholesale Fulfillment

  • Need help expanding your business with Wholesale fulfillment?
    Reach the growing wholesale marketplaces with our quick wholesale fulfillment.

Fulfilled by Amazon | FBA

  • Need help maintaining inventory levels at Amazon?
    Never pay for Amazon’s long term storage fees by scheduling daily, weekly, or monthly FBA orders.
  • Tired of Amazon’s Long Term Storage Fees?
    Avoid long term storage or inventory constraints between multiple channels and recall your inventory and use it where it’s needed and when it’s needed.

Our Differentiating Factors


Curated Logistics Solutions with expert dedicated account managers.


Climate Control warehousing for storage.


Niche Services Others Don’t Offer Such As Consumer Returns And Bundling.


Inventory Check-In Within 24-48 Hours Making Your Inventory Available Immediately.


Response Time To Any Concern Is The Same Day.

Affordable And Transparent Pricing

Tier One

Tier 1

First <1000 Orders



 $0.25 per additional item

shorter than 18”x14”x8” and under 5 lbs.

Tier Two

Tier 2

Next 1001-2000 Orders



+ $0.25 per additional item

shorter than 18”x14”x8” and under 5 lbs.

Tier Three

Tier 3

2001 Orders +



+ $0.25 per additional item

shorter than 18”x14”x8” and under 5 lbs.

Units Between 5 lbs And 50 lbs

or larger than 18”x14”x8”


$5 + $0.30 per lb.

Units Between 51 lbs And 100 lbs

or larger than 18”x14”x8”


$7 + $0.30 per lb.

Units Between 101 lbs And 150 lbs

or larger than 18”x14”x8”


$9 + $0.30 per lb.




(Cartons Containing Less Than 40 Units)



(Cartons Containing Equal To Or More Than 40 Units)

All Units

$0.40 per Cubic Feet per  Month

Standard Units

$5 + $0.05 / unit

Cartons with less than 40 units



Under 5 lbs and smaller than 18”x14”x8”

Standard Units

$5 + $2 / carton

Cartons with 40 or more units



Under 5 lbs and smaller than 18”x14”x8”

Over-Sized Units

$5 + $0.30 per lb. if between 5.01 and 50 lbs.  

$7 + $0.30 per lb. if between 51 and 100 lbs.  

$9 + $0.30 per lb. if between 101 and 150 lbs.  


or larger than 18”x14”x8”

Amazon Recalls

$5 per shipment + $0.20 per unit

Consumer Returns

$2.00 per order + $0.25 per additional item

We’ll process your return on the spot, then give your item a quick check. Brand new and unopened? It’s back on the shelf, saving you time and hassle. Not quite up to par? You’re in control! Choose to restock, recycle, or donate – it’s your call. This revolutionary service, found at few other companies, could save you hundreds on returns! Don’t wait, try it today!

Account Charges

Portal Access Monthly Fee



Minimum Order Fulfillment Monthly


Additional Services

Unit Disposal

$0.10 per unit



$0.25 per unit



Free Virtual Bundles


Inventory Audit/Count

$0.20 / Unit


Special Projects

$40 per hour


Cart/Channel Automation

$250 Onetime Setup Fee

+ $50 Monthly Fee


Manual Cart

Free Including Open API

Our Onboarding Process

Day 1

Contact Us

Connect with our personalized Account Managers do discuss your need and what we can offer, and sign our Service Agreement.

Day 2


Send us your full Inventory catalog and receive access to your WMS account.

Day 3

Schedule Your Walkthrough

Schedule your team’s walk through of our WMS and consultation with your Account Manager to develop a personalized strategy for your business.

Day 4

Send Inventory

Our Team will walk you through sending your first shipment to Logisticsly!

Day 5

Begin Selling

When your product arrives we will sync your accounts and fulfilling your orders.

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Storage, Personal Account Managers, And Curated
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